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Welcome to The Adapa Project's SPACES Site

What is The Adapa Project?

We are a non-profit group of educators, students, & others who share a common goal: help ALL students learn science successfully.  To do that means changing how students and teachers approach learning science.

We create, assess, and share tools and resources that:

SPACES is a public development and alpha/beta testing server. Most resources are limited access. ALL resources here are in pre-production stage, so may have bugs or errors.

Group Status Project Summary
Portals Active The Adapa Project Our home space. Learn what we are doing & why
Electronic Textbooks / Learning Ecosystems Active BioBook For biology majors, non-majors
Active ChemBook For general chemistry
New HealthBook Our newest project - health issues for collegians
Project Dissemination Active BioBook Mini-Site Marketing site for BioBook
Teaching & Assessment Tools & Resources Active SAWHET/ STEM Writing Project  WAC/WID principles, advanced computational linguistics, and classroom research come together to help students master technical writing
Hiatus TAP-ALT Toolbox The Adapa Project (TAP)'s Active Learning Toolbox (ALT) combines edu-tech and traditional tools to create a more active teaching and learning environment. We've tried a lot of useful open-source technologies & tools that teachers and students might not know about.
Coming Soon Artisan Analytics Using big-data tools and approaches to assess learning outcomes at smaller "artisan" scales
Course & Topic Tools & Resources Hiatus Teaching Genetics With Dogs Mendel, Molecules, & a Cold Wet Nose. Using canids as a unifying model for teaching genetics
Collaborations Active Coral Reef Ecology
Hiatus Entrepreneurship Trainer


Project Summaries


Unlike static print textbooks, our platform and content are open-source. Concepts are organized as branches on a tree, with connections to all supporting materials. Teachers can modify BioBook to fit how they teach & their students' specific needs. It also costs a fraction of what commercial books do.

Teaching Genetics with Dogs

A student-friendly way to join classical & modern genetics to anatomy, physiology, and function. Check out our growing library of user-submitted teaching problems, published datasets,  photos tagged with key traits & genotypes, news feed, and Q&A forum to support users. 

STEM Writing and Evaluation Project

Teaching science discourse and information literacy is tough. We brought together a multi-disciplinary effort to help students in STEM become better technical writers. Includes professional writing instructors in English and biology teachers to find better ways to train and support student writers.

One team instructor is using near-peer writing to ignite the imagination of students.

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